News & EventsCampaign on Plastic Free Karnaphuli River on International Volunteer Day 2022

December 13, 2022

YPSA organized a Campaign on “Plastic Free Karnaphuli River” at the Shah Amanat Bridge (Noton Bridge) in Chattogram City Corporation area, on 10 December, to mark the International Volunteer Day’ 2022. Hazi Md. Nurul Haq, Councilor of Chattogram City Corporation, ward-35, Bakshir Hat inaugurated the Campaign and participated it. Unilever Dhaka and Chattogram Official, YPSA Plastic Waste Management Project Official, YPSA Youth Volunteers, Local Volunteer Organizations participated in the Campaign.

Around 100 volunteers participated in the Campaign. Volunteers collected discarded plastic polythene from Karnaphuli river bridge (Noton Bridge)  area. Besides, they spread the message about plastic waste management by distributing leaflets among the tourists and community people of Natun Bridge Area.

100 Kg plastic/Polythene was collected by this campaign and reached about 1500 people on proper waste management. The waste management process was activated by providing the collected plastic polythene to the scraps shops/ Cleaning Service Organization in the Campaign.

YPSA observed that during public holidays and weekend when many people gathers at the Karnaphuli New Bridge to enjoy the beauty of river and pass the leisure time. In many cases, the tourists throw the waste items such as food packages, water bottles and chips packets into the river.

This type of unaware activity playing role for river pollution as well as filled the riverbed in plastic. In that context, YPSA organized this Campaign “Plastic Free Karnaphuli” on premises of Karnaphuli Natun Bridge, Chattogram. The purpose of this campaign is to sensitize people on harmful aspects of throwing polythene/plastic into the river and involving youth on better waste management.

At inauguration session, Hazi Md. Nurul Haq, Councilor of Chattogram City Corporation said that we live on the banks of Karnaphuli river. But seeing it pollutes day by day and being worst, we are worried. We see plastic polythene falling in the river every day. That plastic polythene goes directly into the ocean. As a result, the life of the river and marine animals is under threat. Besides, our lives are also under threat. I think today’s campaign is very important. There is no substitute for awareness. He thanked to YPSA, Unilever and Youth Organization for arranged such important campaign.

This campaign is supported by YPSA Plastic Waste Management Project which is funded by Unilever Bangladesh Limited. This project is now working on improving the plastic waste management of this city with collaboration of Chattogram City Corporation. YPSA Center for Youth and Development (YPSA CYD) provided technical assistance in organizing this campaign.

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